RWJF Releases National Quality Reporting Map

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has released an online tool to help patients find healthcare quality information and select local providers.  The tool, called Comparing Health Care Quality: A National Directory, allows users to select a region on an online map and then provides links to reports from local quality organizations and hospital associations. The online [...]

Recovery Defined: A Unified Working Definition and Set of Principles

In August 2010, leaders in the behavioral health field, including people in recovery from mental health and addiction problems and SAMHSA met to explore the development of a common, unified definition of recovery.  Prior to this conversation it was very apparent as to the need of a common definition. In fact, SAMHSA had separate definitions [...]

Consumer-Operated Mental Health Services KIT Available Online

The second of the new SAMHSA toolkits authored by AHP has finally been released. Hard copies of the Consumer-Operated Services KIT and DVD are expected to be available soon. Until they are available in those formats, the SAMHSA web site has all of the booklets in PDF format at

This KIT is a comprehensive resource [...]

For-Profit Publicly Traded Medicaid Managed Care Plans Rack Up Higher Admin Costs

The Commonwealth Fund reports that for-profit publicly traded plans spent 14% of member premiums on administrative costs, while non-publicly traded plans owned by health systems, local providers and clinics spent 10% of premiums on administrative costs. Provider-owned and operated plans had the lowest administrative costs, with a paltry 8% of member premiums spent on administrative [...]

Carve-In Making a Comeback?

One of the ten largest health plans in the country announced recently that it will be in-sourcing what it had previously out-sourced: Disease Management. A quick review of their rationale exposes some very compelling reasons to carve services back into the broader health plan suite of functions.

For starters, the health plan expects to save [...]